has done it before

justin "soup" kwak
props/effects animator and designer

get a pdf copy of this resume here

film credits

boxcar city rush by genc vata - additional animation, writing assistance.
i contributed all scene transitions and multiple explosions for this thesis film.

you're gonna go far, kid by christopher zambrano - colorist
colored multiple character shots. this inadvertently led to me also taking on an impromptu cleanup role, fixing layers in order to make the coloring work.

scooby-doo reanimate! (collaboration) - animator

cats reanimated (collaboration) - animator


xerox candy bar 2016 (compilation) - comic contributor

currently attending school of visual arts, bfa animation 2022
school of the art institute of chicago, 2015-2017

proficient in:
toonboom harmony
after effects, and
clip studio paint.