it's good for you

want me to work for you? i can be contacted through these avenues:
twitter: @SOUP_TO_GO
instagram: soup_to_go
linkedin: Justin "SOUP" Kwak

i'm soup, a houston born and raised animator/cartoonist currently studying at school of visual arts in nyc.
i've previously attended school of the art institute of chicago, where i studied comics and animation, and immersed myself in the fine arts scene of chicago. it's beautiful art. i highly recommend visiting.
i've been drawing for about as long as i can remember, and found myself drawn to the realm of animation through video games.
my interest in the medium lies in the small things.

i specialize in 2d animation, especially visual effects and props animation, and prefer to work in animate cc, but am also capable of working in:
toonboom harmony
photoshop, and
after effects.